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Visit Parents Of Kidnapped Schoolgirls, Expert Tells Jonathan



Preventive Counter Terrorism Consultant, Temitope Olodo, has said it is necessary for President Goodluck Jonathan to visit the North-East and talk to parents of the 234 schoolgirls abducted by insurgents.

Olodo, who worked in The Office for Security and Counter Terrorism office in Britain, said there was the need for the President and Nigerians to have a better understanding of the damage insurgents have caused to the country.

He said, “Mr. President needs to speak to the family of the missing girls in a secured closed-door phone conference call or on Skype to the hotel, reassuring them that he has directed the might of the Federal Government of Nigeria into this incident.

“He is the father of all Nigerians, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, regardless of their ethnicity. All national assignments could be stopped or put on hold for just 30 minutes for him to speak to them (the affected families).”

The British-trained anti-terrorism expert said it was surprising that Nigerian security agencies were caught unguarded during the attacks on the schools. He stated that all security risks would have been mapped out and mitigated against, if there were effective security policymakers.


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