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Diary of A Photographer: WARRIOR: FUNKE ‘JENNIFA’ AKINDELE By Tybello



I was really looking forward to Jennifa’s shoot for @thisdaystyle .I figured I was just going to spend the entire session rolling on the floor with laughter.. Boy did she deliver.. she walked in with Jenifa in all her glory.. we laughed till water was coming out of our eyes ni.

But she also brought in Funke Akindele .. It will take more than ten women to do the work this woman does . I listened to her talk about upcoming projects with passion. He described the day she had before our shoot and I wondered how she was sitting so graceful in front of my camera at all. Funke Akindele deserves all our respect on top of the love we have for her.She’s A super Smart . ..beyond Intelligent .. crazy Creative .. Nigerian human machine warrior . Beni!

Funke is making us laugh but she’s not playing . She’s putting food on countless tables and changing the terrain of culture one production at a time. She’s a beautiful woman too and it’s awesome to watch her glowing and absolutely in love . God bless JENIFA ..I DORF MY HART ..#tybellophotography #grab your #thisdaystyle #interview by @duchesskaykay #makeup by the amazing @bimpeonakoya #hair by @benardsmiles #wardrobe and styling by @ayovanelmar 

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