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We Find Love In The Strangest Places.. Read Leke & Precious Love Story



H.E.B is proud to share the love story between Obasan Leke and Morakinyo Precious. Their wedding ceremony is set to hold 7th of May in Ondo state. Read their love story and see their pre wedding photos below.

Leke’s Story

I remember vividly about seven years ago, I had to attend a birthday of a friend’s friend, I was a little reluctant initially because I hardly dance so it always felt like a waste of time going, during the course of the party i saw a lady who all she was doing was to clean everywhere as soon as it was messed up and i was wondering, ‘wetin this one find come, make she wait till the end before she starts cleaning now’ and i looked away, interestingly after the party i found myself humbly requesting for her phone number which she gave me not knowing she was planning to use me to practice how not to say yes to a guy..loool. she played me back and forth till I got tired and gave up,i promised myself i would not call her again, next thing i would see me talking to her, i am sure this happens to a lot of guys, when this was not leading anywhere i thought the only way to truly not call her was to delete her number which i did. so i did not call her again as i promised myself.

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