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Titi’s Aspire Story



“Sarah, I don’t think I will do this Ajo jere, maybe other ones. I may not be able to meet up that N25k monthly and I don’t want to default…”

Aspire 1

That’s the excuse Mosun gave her friend Sarah who informed her of a N25,000 monthly Ajo which she said she would think about. And as always Mosun found an excuse, one of the many she had given Sarah in recent years. Despite all her excuses, Sarah was Patient enough to notify her when a new opportunity to be part of an Ajo showed itself.

But for Mosun, the issue wasn’t meeting up with the amount for the contribution, the issue was Trust. Mosun has always wanted to save, but the problem she had was trusting people she barely knew with her hard earned money. Each time she tried to investigate, she found that Sarah herself knew just one or two people amongst the Ajo contributors but still took the risk. This was a risk Mosun was not ready to take with her hard earned money. “What if I decide to do, and then someone dissapears with the money when it’s my turn to take the ‘Ajo’…?” Na, she knew she had to find a safe, alternative way of keeping money aside for the future.

For those who don’t know, Ajo (in Yoruba, Esusu in Igbo and Adashe in Hausa) is a contributory savings scheme where people contribute a daily/weekly/monthly portion of their income to a collective. A person who is part of the Ajo picks a numbers, depending on the frequency, collects a bulk sum totaling the amount of money contributed by the number of people doing the Ajo, over same number of months. The terms vary depending of the type of Ajo.

But one day Titi got lucky. While going through Facebook, she learnt about the Aspire Investment Club. Of course she was still skeptical but she called the number attached to the Facebook page. Before calling them, she did her research on AQUILA Assets the asset managers appointed by the club and was satisfied with what she found. The then called and decided to satisfy her curiosity by visiting their office in V.I(because she was a doubting Thomas…lol). Today Titi is a proud member of the Aspire Investment Club and has never felt safer with where she was putting her money. Even better, at the end of the year, she gets interest on the initial sum, something she will never have gotten from an Ajo. It was a win win situation for Titi.


You too can change your life today. Save for tomorrow, and grow your wealth in the process. Join the Aspire investment Club and change your story. Call 08051000195.
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Aspire Investment Club… Growing True Influence.
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