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Nokia Introduces SmartKid Maths App For Children In Primary Schools




KIDS in Nigeria, particularly those who crave to be smart can now challenge the dreaded mathematics subject, all on their mobile phones. This is as global phone manufacturer, Nokia has introduced a learning application tagged SmartKid Maths app, for children in primary schools in Nigeria.

Available for free download on the Windows Store, SmartKid Maths is an educational game created by Finnish digital company, SkillPixels which contains complete preschool, 1st and 2nd grade mathematics with three years worth of curriculum-based math exercises.

The app has over ten thousand exercises in hundred progressive levels, corresponding to major international and United States of America core curriculum requirements for preschool, 1st and 2nd grades.

According to the Managing Director, Nokia West and Central Africa, Nick Imudia, SmartKid Maths is the first learning game app featuring Learning Analytics which shows users their progress as they move to the next stage. The game shows users how quickly or slowly they learned concepts; it identifies their strengths while also helping them get better in their weak areas amongst others exciting features.

“This app will help build a strong foundation for children in the area of Mathematics and get them acquainted with the subject before starting with the basics in school simply by teaching them about shapes, coordinates, numbers, time, addition, subtraction, equations, money, multiplication, division, fraction, and much more.


It is a simple, easy and fun app that we are really proud of and believe will impact immensely in children, making school work easy for the parents and teachers to teach” he added.

SmartKid Maths enables children learn the concept of numbers, counting, order, distance, numbering system, place value and fractions. Through this app parents and teachers can help children identify their personal strengths and pinpoint individual bottlenecks in learning and help correct it.

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