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If you want your event to be featured on #heleneventblog, submit pictures and a well written story. 

When you submit your event, please make sure to include 

* Details of the event (who, what, where, when) 

* Professional Pictures from the event 

* Highlights from the event 

* Special moments from the event

See below the list of events that can be featured on our blog. 

* Birthday

* Child Christening 

* Funeral 

* Wedding

* Bridal shower

* Baby Shower 

* Conference

* Corporate event

* House warming 

* Movie premiere

* Food events 

* Fairs/festivals 


Kindly note that submitting an event does not guarantee a feature. Features are chosen at the discretion of the editors. Incomplete submissions will not be featured. 

To submit your event, send mail to [email protected]
For more clarification, call 08028917485 

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