Pink Moscato Punch Recipe

Oya get in here to learn a drink recipe for Easter to thrill your friends and family with.
You have seen the Carlo Rossi Sweet Red and Moscato wine. Now let me introduce you to the PINK MOSCATO.
Yes, the Pink Moscato is another correct wine which is a light bodied sweet and fruity wine with a floral note. As I am talking about it, I am thinking about my ladies…yes, all of una.
The Pink Moscato also has hints of tree and stone fruits which gives it a fresh flavour. It’s not only for Ladies o! Guys can enjoy it too.
Now, talking about fresh flavours and how to refresh you. Let me show you how to make a delicious punch with this drink.
This is a very refreshing yet easy recipe you can enjoy with friends and family this Easter.
1/2 bottle Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato.
1 can pink lemonade.
1 can sprite/ 7up.
Ice cubes.
Oranges/Clementines/ Lemons.
Mix it all together in a pitcher, add some ice cubes if needed, some slices of, clementines, lemon and or oranges.
Eassssy…??? you can make it in less than 15 minutes. Yep yep.
Make sure you buy Pink Moscato to enjoy this Easter o! Don’t dull jare.
NB: If you don’t have ice cubes, just chill up the drinks and use.
Credit: Matsecooks

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