Busola Odusanya, The Glory In Beauty By Ty Bello

People ask me why I love Beauty photography so much. .. I say .. there’s absolutely everything to love .. beyond the drama of hair makeup and wardrobe..my subjects ‘look’at themselves and are absolutely free to love it all .Surprisingly,hardly in a self centered way but mostly every thing from gentle gratitude to many times ,tearful outbursts ( I’ve had many people cry from this experience ).. that say:this is who I’ve grown to become and I love every bit of it.

 I sometimes call them ‘gratitude ‘ sessions and understood better just how meaningful what we do is when I stumbled on Psalm 50:2.. out of Zion,the perfection of beauty .. God shines gloriously. I believe there’s a Unique beauty in EVERY human and there is something glorious when We decipher the uniqueness of it . How God was so deliberate when He painted the canvas of ‘us’. 

This glory that shines through is at its infancy in physical attributes.. but totally comes alive when people go in and just let it shine. This is probably why the sessions take so long .. I work to create the perfect ambience and cues to let that .. ‘something ‘ be drawn out ..and when it is, there’s no denying it… that the person before my camera is truly ..beautifully ..awesomely .. uniquely.. fearfully and wonderfully made .

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